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Curious Canuck: Looking For Trouble

Canuck the Crow was a Canadian corvid raised by a human and then released into the wild. Canuck inspired me with his mischievous meanderings. He stole a knife from a crime scene, hung out in the skate park, made the rounds at the gym, and always made time for his friend Shawn Bergman.

I connect with Canuck on multiple levels. I'm curious, quirky, and connected to home. I don't have the celebrity status Canuck earned, thank goodness. To quote Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, "There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion". Canuck couldn't escape his fame and he earned it by just being his sweet charming self.

Celebrity means a person who is celebrated, or in this case a crow. I'm going to continue to celebrate Canuck's zest for life, thrill of adventure, and ability to connect with people he has never met. I set a goal a few years ago to be the kind of person that lifts the spirits of the people in my presence. I'm trying to take a page from the book of Canuck and fly a little higher.

Instead of being a celebrity, I just want to celebrate. Celebrate life and all the people in it! Let's celebrate together and see what takes flight.

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