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  • Kris Newlin

Getting Lost in The Art

Have you ever lost track of time? You are so absorbed in something that you are no longer aware of the passing minutes. Has that happened to you through art? For me, it is so hard to find uninterrupted studio time but when I do it is magical. I intentionally don't have a clock in my studio. My favorite times are the moments with no construct of time except for nudges from my internal clock saying it is time to eat, time for sleep, time to walk away until another day. There is only me and the art. The art feels like the biggest thing in the room, and the art invites me in. I feel like a kid again, my relationship with time changes, the hours slip away like seconds. This painting captures what it is like for me. The art is a whole other world that doesn't play by the same rules as this one. I'm making the art and at the same time, the art is making me. It is quieting me and exciting me at the same time, such is its wild and wonderful spell. It makes my imagination chase down dreams while at the same time giving me a feeling of rest. How does it do it? I'm not exactly sure. I've been an art therapist for nearly 24 years, and I still struggle to find the words to describe how passionate I am about the healing powers of creativity. Maybe part of the magic is the mystery that keeps drawing you back.

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