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  • Kris Newlin

Heaven Broken Open

The word Geode is from a Greek word meaning "Earth like". Jesus was "Earth like" but not earthly. He was heaven on earth, God among us. I wanted to paint Jesus breaking free from his earthly tomb like a geode revealing the beauty inside. There is no way of knowing a rock is a geode until it is broken apart; you have to see inside to know it is there. Even the disciples weren't sure who Jesus truly was until they saw that the tomb was broken open. The geode tomb also is a serpent's eye and a fingerprint. Everything is there, the sin that entombs us that Jesus altered for all time and in doing changed our very identity. It is Christ within us that will open the heavens, our identity forever changed.

Broken chains fall from Jesus' pierced hands. The bottom portion of the painting has scribbles representing the tangled messiness of sin and hands reaching to be pulled from the hold it has on them. The gold represents glimmers of hope to all of those who reach out to Jesus, much like the sinner on the cross found reassurance from Jesus that there was a place for him in heaven.

The painting is mostly in greens and blues to represent earth, sky, and water. Jesus walked the earth, walked on water, and then ascended to the heavens. The man of sorrows who took all of ours upon himself is full of colors to represent all of us and His love for each of us. This is my personal Easter journey, a reminder of the foundation of my faith. A testament of who Jesus is to me and who I am because of Him.

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