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  • Kris Newlin

Lost & Found Living

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Lost and found is a way of life for me. It describes the roof over my head, the space in my heart, the way I see the world, and the way I create art! Beginning with the roof over my head and working my way down from there...

We found an old house that needed some love (AKA a complete overhaul) and we lost our savings and a portion of our youth renovating the old girl (she sure is pretty though).

The lost and found space in my heart has room for everyone, pull up a chair and tell me all about it.

Lost and Found heart space means I operate in equal parts SAFE space and BRAVE space. The safe/brave space sounds like an impossible at odds environment but it is actually the lovely messy middle that people try to avoid all around us.

As an artist, I embrace messes, I know that's where the action is, we are making something. I want you to feel safe, welcome, and comfortable so you can ease into storytelling, art sharing, and have plenty of room for all the feelings . A brave space is where someone else might challenge your comfort zone and pull you toward a new perspective. Once again, as an artist, I know that when you can see something in a new way, you are in the magic place where imagination and creativity dance and play. That's one of my favorite spots. I want to see the world, the whole world. The world around me, the world within me, the world the way you experience it, the world I imagine.

Lost and found living incorporates all of those perspectives, sometimes it is about intentionally letting go and also inviting in. I create art by both getting lost in the process and finding myself in it. The crazy thing is the more immersed in the process, the deeper the dive into the inherent therapeutic goodness of the creative process, there are so many treasures to be found!

Speaking of found treasure, I see little bits and pieces all around that have been discarded, neglected, and tarnished by time and nature. Smashed bottle caps, wayward spark plugs, and other trinkets wearing the patina of life are my favorite art materials. I love the process of discovering them, uncovering a new possibility, and restoring a purpose by recreating it into a thing of beauty, art. We all have those moments, don't we? Either real or felt unworthiness, neglect, and losing our way. Art always brings me back home; lost and found living.

The foundation of lost and found living is my faith. I once was lost and now I'm found. I walk out my faith with a bit of a limp (we all fall short) but the limp serves as a reminder that I can't run the race before me without trusting in the One who guides my path.

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